IMG_1979Four months ago I had never written a blog in my life. In fact apart from writing my scripts for the football on Sky Sports,  I barely wrote. But on 24th November 2017 my world was turned upside down and inside out. Three days after being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia my wife Gemma died, aged just 40, leaving me without my wife and our eight year old boy, Ethan, without a mum. The journey we’ve now been launched into is the hardest and most painful of our lives.

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared a lot of what we’ve been going through on social media and the response has been overwhelming. I’ve only been without Gemma for a few months but already in that time I’ve realised that we don’t do grief very well in this country. So often, when are confronted by someone in a similar situation to mine, we just don’t know what to say and say nothing. By sharing in an open and honest way I hope to do something, however small, to change this.

I express myself through words and through my photography and this is a place where I want to do that. I hope you find something of meaning in what I write and post – as I discovered in the most painful way, life is so very precious.